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Signs And Symptoms Of ADHD In Children

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, more commonly known as ADHD, is a neurological disorder that can cause a person to have unusual levels of hyperactivity and impulsive behaviors. 


While both adults and children can have ADHD, many times it is looked over in children as “poor behavior”. Yet, it is something that can have a huge negative effect on their lives, both at home and in their studies. 


There is a wide range of signs and symptoms of ADHD in children. It is important to get your child evaluated ASAP if you think they could have ADHD to ensure that accommodations are made to set them up for success. Here are some of the most common ADHD signs that parents should be aware of. 

  1. Trouble Handling Emotions

One very common sign of ADHD is the inability to handle emotions. Kids with ADHD often feel their own emotions extra hard, which makes every emotion amplified and hard to handle. When they are happy, they are very happy- which is great!


What can be upsetting for parents is that when children with ADHD are upset, this is also very amplified due to their inability to handle the situation. This leads to tantrums and meltdowns. These children are often considered poorly behaved, but in reality, they are just having trouble processing their own emotions.

    2. Inattentive

When a situation gets repetitive or a child with ADHD gets bored, they tend to quit paying attention. They make many careless mistakes and have trouble finishing projects they start. Their attention spans are much shorter than that of an average child. 


Children who are inattentive due to ADHD are also very easily distracted, which is another reason why it is so important for them to be diagnosed. Upon diagnosis, the child can be put in a special learning environment with fewer distractions. 

      3. Trouble Listening

Children with ADHD often are punished for not following directions, but this is often due to their trouble listening. It is hard for them to pay attention, leading them to not remember what was said if they didn’t tune it all out. 


There is a chance they tuned out the conversation, as people with ADHD often do when someone talking becomes repetitive or boring to them. 

     4. Talking Excessively 

ADHD is known for making people talk excessively due to being hyperactive. Their hyperactivity causes them to have trouble keeping their thoughts to themselves. They tend to talk about anything and everything- blurting out the first thing that comes to mind in a situation.

     5. Frequently Losing Items

Kids with ADHD are known for not being able to keep track of any of their personal belongings. They are known for frequently not turning in their homework or library books due to losing them. Younger kids cannot often remember where they last saw their favorite toy. This is frustrating for anyone, especially young children.

    6. Trouble Focusing

Children with ADHD have a hard time focusing. This is particularly noticed in school-aged children with ADHD. They struggle in school because they cannot focus long enough to study or even listen to a teacher. Special accommodations are often made by the school for children with ADHD to help with their attention span.    

    7. Trouble Staying Still

Another classic sign of ADHD is the inability to stay still. This is perhaps the most commonly known symptom of the disorder. Kids with ADHD struggle to sit still for even a short period. They may constantly fidget and run or climb at inappropriate times. You will often see their foot is tapping, their legs are shaking, or their fingers are moving. 

    8. Cannot Control Temper

Children with ADHD have trouble controlling their temper when angry about a situation. Their brain struggles to rationalize the situation which can turn into a huge temper tantrum. Many times, their temper tantrums happen quickly over seemingly nothing, in contrast to a child without ADHD having a tantrum.

    9. Acting Without Thinking

Many children with ADHD do not completely think through their actions before performing them. In school, children with ADHD are known to blurt out answers without thinking through the problem. 


In everyday life, the same children struggle with similar situations where they often say something before thinking it through. This often comes in the form of saying things they don’t mean to adults or hitting a sibling. 

    10. Intrude On Other’s Conversations

Children with ADHD often struggle to wait for their turn. This particularly happens when they have something to say. They will often step over others when someone else is speaking. This is often something that children with ADHD get in trouble for that is brushed off as “rude” behavior.


ADHD is not one-size-fits-all and looks different in every child. If you notice several of these signs in your child or have other reasons to believe your child may have ADHD, it is best to contact your pediatrician as soon as possible.

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